The California Senate outlaws therapy against homosexuality

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The California Senate outlaws therapy against homosexuality

(Blogmensgo, June 5th, 2012) Senators from California have passed the third reading on May 30, 2012, by 23 votes against 13 (with one abstention), a bill prohibiting therapy to change sexual orientation. Presented by two elected Democrats, Senator Ted W Lieu  and deputy Fiona Ma, the text must now be voted by the Assembly of California, and also a Democratic majority.

The Proposed law SB 1172: HTML | PDF

The bill intends to amend the California Code of commerce and professions. This is especially to explicitly prohibit any therapist, regardless of denomination, to interfere in any way to modify or reverse the sexual orientation of a minor.

This prohibition applies to any case, even if the therapy is desired, granted or imposed by the minor or his parents. The preamble of the text is perfectly clear about this. "Being lesbian, gay or bisexual is neither a disease nor a disorder, or failure or defect. "This means that there is no need to treat it and that homosexuality does not need these so-called" reparative therapies ". "The medical profession as a whole is hostile to these practices," says Senator Lieu

No State of the United States prohibits such practices today. California would become, if applicable, the first to do so. The text, once validated by the House of Representatives from California, will still be initialed by the very gay-friendly governor Jerry Brown.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

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