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Colombia approves a gay adoption

Do not cry, your daddy is not straight ... © Icbf.gov.co.

(Blogmensgo, May 24, 2012) The Constitutional Court of Colombia has finally approved on the 23 May 2012, the adoption of two Colombian children by an American homosexual. The adoption was compromised by the homosexuality of the adopter, whose custody was questioned since March 2011 on these grounds. This is the first time in Colombia that the final judgment allows adoption by a homosexual who is neither married nor PACS or in a couple.

U.S. journalist Chandler Burr, former researcher for the New York Times, has therefore legally adopted two young brothers aged 10 and 13 years, and he can also take them to the United States if he wishes.

The state agency responsible for adoptions, ICBF (Colombian Institute for Family Welfare), has since March 2011 refused to let the children join their adoptive father because of his homosexuality. In its judgment the Constitutional Court notes that the two children wanted to stay with their adoptive father and ICBF had decreed, without providing evidence or explanation, "that the applicant's sexual orientation would have affected the outcome of the adoption process or impair the rights of children. "

In December 2011, the family court mediator in Bogotá had already approved the adoption of two children by the American journalist. Colombia gives homosexual couples special rights regarding inheritance and social benefits, as well as heterosexual couples cohabiting. However, gay couples do not have the right to marry or adopt in Colombia.

ICBF has authorized 3,058 adoptions in 2010, 1,999 Colombian children adopted by foreigners.

This article has been translated from the original on our French Blog, to view the original, click here.

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through all the press on 23 May 2012

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