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Pink Beach Sauna Lausanne mobilizes for VoGay

A host of twelve sponsors and beneficiary. Hot! © Pinkbeach.ch.

(Blogmensgo, May 18, 2012) The Pink Beach Sauna Lausanne will mobilize on May 20, 2012 from 14 am to 18 pm, for the association Vogay Lausanne.

Event just for Lausanne? Not at all! This concerns both the entire gay community and even more, since Vogay is an "association of persons involved in Vaud homosexuality", and also the entire gay community and even more, since Pink Beach provides heat to the most gay chilled and the party with the most home-loving people of Lausanne, that is to say to those who never leave home (and therefore Lausanne), and yet the whole gay community and even more, since the five-gay international network MensGo stars is a partner of the operation.

In short, everyone is invited to this event, which is organized for a good cause, that of Vogay. The more daring will also go there to get damaged eardrums to the crazy rhythm of Catherine d'Oex. The more daring will go there to test the strength of their body heat or the place to put stuff in the bar (where one indicates that the location and the bar are not fish). And even more audacious will attempt to win one of the lots involved, the two main prizes being a dildo-shaped bottle of champagne and a champagne bottle-shaped dildo. Those allergic to champagne and dildos can always fall back on the lot from Philips.

The latest news, Claude-André would consider adding to the list of lots a half mustache, saying it may well be content with his other half-mustache. Reflection stumbles on the starting price of this half-mustache (a starting price too low may be the envy of all or part of five stars MensGo and a reserve price too high will chase collectors half mustaches) and the future of the donor hair (which is concerned that, as the Achilles of Zeno of Elea, half-shaven mustache does not grow as much as ever half unshaven mustache).

In short, half-mustache or not, it will be an afternoon like no other ...

For more information:

Sauna Pink Beach
Avenue de Tivoli 7 et 9
CH – 1007 Lausanne (Suisse)
Tél. 0041 (0) 21 311 69 69

Association Vogay
CP 1514
1001 Lausanne
Tél. 079/606 26 36

Philca & Matt / MensGo

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