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Only a few gay Candidates for Italy’s Administrative vote

(BlogMensGo 3rd May 2012) The 6th and 7th of May in 700 Italian cities will vote on the small-medium administration. nothing unusual, so far, but what is surprising is the low number of gay candidates to represent the LGBT world, just at a time when the political support to the struggles and initiatives to life at this moment in history would be of vital importance.

During the election, debates turned on for the occasion is not surprising, a more or less common candidate of the PDL, while the various offices Arcigay are pushing, with the favor of politicians lined up or at least ready to throw its weight behind the movement, in places like Palermo, Genoa, Rovigo, Cuneo and Como.

While in cities like Camaiore, Milan and Verona applications have stronger LGBT backing.

There we queue the call of Gay.it, the source of this article, declaring, "Those of 2012, beyond how it will vote, they can already be told as to the administrative invisibility: in the municipalities of  small or medium size value of LGBT rights, visibility seems to belong only to rare gays. Precisely for this reason their visibility should be rewarded with the courageous vote. "

This article has been translated from our Italian blog, to view the original, click here.

Giorgio & Matt / MensGo

Source: gay.it

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