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Milan: religions give the green light to the register of de facto couples

Unmarried couples, religions and secularism

(BlogMensGo, April 27, 2012) Secularism, religion and families - from the register of de facto couples to places of worship.

Milan, Palazzo Marino, the conference "Secularism, religion and families - from the register of de facto couples to places of worship", organized by the Council Chamber of the PD Group Equality and Milan are political figures and representatives of the regions most popular in Italy: Community Jewish, Islamic Association, Italian Institute of Buddhist Soka Gakkai, and the Waldensian Evangelical Church, and also Council for the Laity of the institutions.

Fortunately surprisingly is the position taken by members of religions that historically do not allow homosexuality: Daniele Nahum, vice president of the Jewish Community of Milan declared that "For my religion, homosexuality is not intended, but if I speak as an Italian citizen it is scandalous that two people of the same sex do not have the same rights and must absolutely intervene. In the First Republic there have been many social conquests through comparison between secular and religious. We avoid the mixing of religion and politics, then everyone will follow their own ethics. " Davide Piccardo coordination of Islamic associations goes on to say that "Islam is placed in a very secular position. We live in a plural society, and with rights for all, this is important. In convincing others of the goodness of their faith, the believer loses and has barricaded himself behind the laws of the State. I support the unions on a register and pay us a process of dialogue. "

Not surprisingly, the Italian Buddhist Institute Soka Gakkai position that, in the words of Marita Bombardieri, reaffirms the absolute right of every human being to absolute happiness: "All religions are faced with a lesson from history, we are faced with an earthquake of change and every religion should keep a secular eye, not to interpret all of reality through his confession. Buddhism starts from a universal view of all living beings and recognizes the right to happiness and every human being has the right to shine own. We have a secular view, in the depths of everyone's life there is a universal potential, flourish each according to its nature has put down roots in this. "

With Catholics and Waldensians who stand on the same positions, Samuel Baker of the Council for the Laity of the institutions concluded by saying that "There's no time to lose, no pressure and demand. The Catholic monopoly leaves little room for others, the policy should say no to this, giving answers to the marital relationship and other issues. The wind has changed in Milan, on with determination. The work is a lot but can we make it there. "

In conclusion, an absolute yes to a completely secular approval of homosexual unions, we hope, will come to life very soon.

This article has been translated from our Italian blog, to view the original, click here.

Giorgio & Matt / MensGo

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