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Gay Tourism trophies honor of Grindr London and Tel Aviv

Joel Simkhai. Grindr boss loves Provincetown and Tel Aviv. Find the error. © Grindr.com.

(Blogmensgo, April 25, 2012) Nearly three years after its inception, Grindr, the application and social network for gay mobile users place London and Tel Aviv at the top of it gay tourism trophies as published on April 13, 2012. The event, which is the first of its type held by Grindr, is to be an annual event.

Grindr members elected London city best of the gay world, New York City being named the most gay U.S.. Tel Aviv is the city where we find the hottest guys on the planet, while Los Angeles won the pompom honest American.

The votes of the members have identified five other cities, under the best gay beach (Rio de Janeiro globally and Miami in the United States, with the Californian city of Palm Springs as the best American beach resort) and under city hosting the best gay festivals  (for the Sydney International, San Francisco for the United States).

The team at Grindr has also sought to distinguish, standout, three cities for their contribution to the gay cause. Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is named best city in the world for marriage, Provincetown (Massachusetts) is the best city in the United States for gay marriage and to respect the best of a Gay Pride celebration, the award falls to São Paulo. This trio seems logical in the eyes of Grindr, since Argentina was the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage, while Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to do the same and that São Paulo hosts the most massive Gay Pride world.

Comment. The number and nationalities of the voters are not specified, nor the method of voting and the possible weighting of votes.

The list does not surprise me, with the notable exception of Provincetown. The choice of destinations (no nudist beaches or cities with gay nights are too hot), it is a little too sanitized for my taste. I have to say...being a British guy, who has lived in both London and Manchester am very surprised that Manchester did not beat London, but as always, tourism hits London before anywhere else in the UK! I for one think that gays should be heading to Manchester and comparing the two!

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