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Lesbianism in Italy is still classified as a disease!

Please, stop these ... Silvio © Paolaconti.it.

(BlogMensGo, April 23, 2012) The Hon. Tanning calls a decree law.

It's amazing but in Italy lesbianism is still classified as a disease, specifically ego-dystonic disorder. In denouncing the serious irregularities we think the Honourable Tanning, which requested the April 5, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Fornero with responsibility for Equal Opportunity, a decree that cancels the above classification.

Following the statement of the tanneries, reported on his blog: "I have asked Minister Fornero for a law that removes the classification 'lesbianism' as a disease. I Discover that the same government that I am advocating is a 'sick' and, like me, all Italian lesbians, is nothing short of chilling. [...] I have already asked the Minister Fornero to launch immediately a decree by which we can liberate ashamed of this and he said he will turn now to do so in consultation with the Minister of health Balduzzi. [...] The failure to adjust the model ICD10, which for years has replaced the previous international ICD9 in which lesbianism is classified as a disorder and ego-dystonic we discover to be still in force in our country, is an extremely serious matter, which we share in those countries where homosexuality is considered a crime punishable with the death penalty. [...] I would not have to feel ashamed of being Italian and I really hope that this spot that hovers over our democracy is cleared in record time. "

We await an official announcement soon that ferry away from the Middle Ages ...

This article has been translated from our italian blog.  To view the original, click here.

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