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Gay marriage (almost) 10 for religious couples in Brittany!

A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, with cornet for net body. © Dorotheeblond-photographe.fr.

(Blogmensgo, April 17, 2012) The association LGBT-H & Breton braise and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - Convent of Paris (website | Facebook page) were married symbolically, April 15, 2012, ten gay and lesbian couples in - and with the complicity of - the city of Lannion in Brittany.

The ceremony (Facebook page), partly religious (deadpan laugh) and mid-festive (especially festive), mission was to educate gay marriage and rights of the LGBT community, all candidates and voters of the French presidential elections in April and May 2012. It was also to publicize a petition calling for the legalization of marriage 2011 LGBT.

The petition had received before the "bridal" ceremonies, some 2,000 signatures that were to be sent the next day to all presidential candidates. The petition form is still available at the time of this writing, so I guess we can continue to petition (no need, apparently, to create an account).

Comment. Symbolic weddings were very co-organized by two associations involved in the prevention and fight against STDs in general, HIV / AIDS in particular. And the acronym LGBT-H, the last letter means straight. This is not trivial.

This article has been translated from our French blog.  To view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via The Telegram April 16, 2012)

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