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Kiss of the Moon finally finds its audience in primary schools

(Blogmensgo, April 4, 2012) Two years after its release, the distribution of the short animated film called The Kiss of the Moon (Le baiser de la lune) is officially allowed in primary schools. Two years ago, the film of Sebastian Watel had created a highly publicized controversy.

From fish there is vitamins...and love! ©Le-baiser-de-la-lune.fr.

Students of CM1 and CM2 (9-11 years) may now be interested in the love Felix the catfish and Leon moonfish despite the wishes of the most traditional Agatha, Felix’s Aunt who would prefer that the union between a male fish and female fish. In short, a beautiful and romantic love story without proselytizing or speeches on sexuality.

The Minister of Education had put the film in a waiting room, despite the support of the Breton department of Ille-et-Vilaine and by other departments, municipalities and associations. During the two years of embargo, the film has toured festivals and several primary school classes have watched, and have never risen up against its projection.

In two fascinating articles (but available only to subscribers) Liberation recounts how a particular school teacher extends the film by a French lesson on prefixes (homo) and suffixes (phobia). Children often do, immediately, have a reconciliation of racism - they know well - and homophobia. The main difference is that French National Education is stepping up initiatives to fight against racism, while the fight against homophobia in primary schools there is no teaching tool.

This article has been translated from our French blog.  To view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via release of 3 April 2012 in two articles [1] [2] for subscribers only and in French)


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