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Madonna plays the Gaga

(Blogmensgo, March 29, 2012) "Great clip," said Claude-Andre by sending me a link to the uncensored version of "Girl Gone Wild." So I listened and watched the video of Madonna below, legendary history of soliciting my critical sense.

It is necessary to distinguish the sound of the picture. Musically it's consistent with what I expected, even worse: irretrievably bad. Agreed rhythms, harmonies and inventive little melody without any relief, all in a fog voice where the software has failed to root out Madonna and her tone that I never could bear. In short, a stew for clubs whose clients had nothing to put in the ears for several months.

The other is the visual quality of the clip. Not only is it hot, but it's also very beautiful, full of pep and beautifully filmed, despite some showy gimmicks.

It makes me immediately think of a piece of a Lady Gaga concert on which I had fallen upon during a night of insomnia zapping. Remembering the song title as I watched. Maybe it was "Alejandro", which fans of Lady Gaga accused Madonna of plagiarizing the scenery in the video for "Girl Gone Wild."

What? See it in the video below.

Vocally, this is as bad as Madonna. :mrgreen:

Visually, there are still many similarities. There is no denying a certain inspiration, like Lady Gaga was itself inspired in many of its predecessor in many areas.

Should we talk about plagiarism? I will not go that far, but it's still pretty disturbing.

Rather it is the ring stage that will referee the match between the two artists. About scene, the singer of 53 years keeps her planned concert on August 9, 2012 in St. Petersburg, despite the new homophobic regulations adopted by the former Russian capital.

Since Madonna is not boycotting St. Petersburg, local gay organizationshave chosen to show their displeasure at the concert [source: all the press, including The East Republican March 22, 2012].

Madonna who has often proved her commitment to LGBT claims that the suspect of convenience in respect of very few authorities homophilic Saint-Petersburg. I suspect rather that Madonna will use her concert in the Russian metropolis to sing to her audience all the evil she thinks of the new legislation - and to invite her fans to continue singing after the show, to the heart of the city , slogans against the municipal team.

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