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Paul-Andre the winner of MensGo Winter competition!

[blogMensGo, 22.03.2012]. The winner of our winter contest has become the enchanted partaker of a ski holiday in Arosa. Delighted and hunchbacked, since whilst there, he has had a bad fall.  As yet, we have not been contacted by his legal team 😉

In any case, our winner, Paul-Andre Piguet, will remember for a long time MensGo and the Swiss ski resort of Arosa. This resident of Lausanne participated in our winter contest (see our article of 15.11.2011) before falling into the seductive MensGo networks, our international gay network of five-stars.

Paul-André, happy as only the winners can be. © MensGo.com.

We have collected the exclusive first impressions of Paul-André, winner of our winter contest. Do not forget to read the last sentence.

You seem to have had a real ordeal in Arosa ... has it been so terrible ? I had on Wednesday, a small accident in the afternoon .... Nothing dramatic past the fact that the next six weeks I have to live with my arm in a splint.

In addition, the accident gave me the opportunity to fully enjoy my stay at the Robinson Club: This resort is exceptional in every way.

Arosa has been a wonderful discovery, I knew nothing of this splendid season. I've met people of all nationalities and all professions.

So apart from the accident, your stay has been good? My stay was fabulous. A friend came to stay with me and we had a blast, as we had anticipated.

Was the room really then, as we announced, an all inclusive deal? Yeah, totally, except for special parties.

Did you know MensGo and blogMensGo before participating in the contest? Were you surprised to win the grand prize this season, or you're kind to always have luck? No, I really did not know MensGo or blogMensGo either, before taking part... It was the first time in my life I have won anything of significance in a contest.

I was very surprised when the announcement came of the prize. So much so that even I had to call again to convince myself that it was me who had won.

Paul-André (right) has invented the flash that lights up the photographer. © MensGo.com.

And now, how and why do you enter MensGo? What, in your opinion, the main virtue and biggest flaw of our site? I used about twice a week: for me, in principle, was another gay site where I could meet people .... The downside is that there are still few users in the French-speaking Switzerland.

Instead, the blog is very interesting and has very good current affairs.

[You will find the other photos of the event in MensGo.]

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(Interview conducted by email.)



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