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The Catholic Church wants to prevent legalization of gay marriage in the UK

Archbishop Nichols. He made a vow of chastity but claims to know everything about marriage. © Diocese of Westminster.

(Blogmensgo, March 20, 2012) Two leaders of the Catholic Church in England and Wales have jointly signed an open letter to prevent the British government to legalize gay marriage. The letter was addressed on the weekend of March 11, 2012, the faithful scattered over 2500 churches.

[The open letter in HTML | PDF]

Archbishops Vincent Nichols and Peter Smith, who run the Catholic Church respectively in England and Wales, and the diocese of London Southwark, are asking Catholics to "ensure that the true meaning of marriage is not lost for future generations. " According to the two prelates, marriage between same sex couples would mean the end of "complementarity of man and woman or the fact that the purpose of marriage is for procreation and child rearing."

Meanwhile, March 11, the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, insisted on a clear difference between civil unions and marriage. As this prelate may accept the idea of civil unions, as he rejects any same-sex marriage.

Some Catholic prelates say they favor marriage by same sex. This is the case of Jeffrey John, the former Bishop of Reading and who is also openly gay, he resigned after revealing that he had homosexual relations. He said the Church "has become the last refuge of prejudice."

Prime Minister David Cameron intends to launch this week a citizen consultation on the legalization of gay marriage that he would like to enact before the end of his term in 2015

A survey conducted for the collective Catholic Voices and published March 8, 2012 (Online | PDF) says that according to 70% of respondents marriage should remain the union between a man and a woman. Only 22% of respondents challenge that position. In contrast, nearly 60% of respondents say they favor homosexual civil unions.

Three days later, an online poll organized by the Daily Telegraph gave the opposite result: three-quarters of persons are in favor of a wedding for everyone regardless of sexual orientation of spouses, one quarter of respondents favoring marriage only for heterosexual couples.


Read the interesting article (here or here) as The Economist devotes this sociological study in its issue of March 3, 2012.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(Via Libération of 12 March 2012)


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