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Switzerland takes a small step towards homoparenting!

(Blogmensgo, March 19, 2012) On March 14th, 2012 The Swiss senators endorsed a motion to authorize the adoption of children by homosexual couples. The Council of States (upper house of parliament) adopted the text by 21 votes against 19. It is now for the National Council (lower house) to rule on the project.

The adoption homoparental puts the Council of States in all its forms ... © Parlament.ch / Peter Mosimann.

The text passed authorizes the adoption of children regardless of marital status and sexual orientation of adoptive parents, provided that the adoption is in the interest of children. These include facilitating the adoption of children by the companion or the companion of a biological parent.

Between 6,000 and 20,000 children - the figures vary according to sources - live with gay or lesbian parents in Switzerland. Local LGBT organizations have thus obtained senators to take the measure of the problem by adopting the text that they had submitted to the Committee on Legal Affairs, Council of States.

In Switzerland, gay marriage is illegal and the PACS (registered partnership) established in 2005 precludes its homoparental adoption. However, subject to being single and not living under the PACS, a gay or lesbian has the right to adopt.

Voted by a narrow majority, the text is not unanimous. Senators are Christian critics of the text, arguing that the PACS was legalized on the express condition that it excludes any possibility of adoption. The government wants to share the split of the two, that is to say not allow adoption within a homosexual couple that if the child is biologically related to one of the adopters or has already been adopted by one partner.

Although the text was approved by both chambers, its enactment could still be effectively delayed or prohibited by a referendum, provided that the opponents gather 50,000 signatures needed to trigger such a referendum.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original please click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(24 Hours 14 March 2012)

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