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The Italian region of Veneto is unanimous against homophobia

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[blogMensGo, 06.03.2012]. The Regional Council of the Veneto region has voted and approved a motion in favor of combating sex discrimination and gender identity. In addition, the regional board is committed to promote widely the World Day Against Homophobia, on its territory and with the cooperation of as many institutions as possible in order to give the maximum resonance possible and to raise public awareness on an issue which for many it remains delicate.

The initiative came in 2011, sponsored by the Federation of the Left and the Democratic Party, and included the signing of the Regional Director Pierangelo Pettenò (PRC - European Left) as the first signatory.

This motion comes in response to the numerous episodes of violence and discrimination that have occurred not only in the region but also in Italy and worldwide. The Veneto Region, paradoxically presided and governed(overwhelmingly) on the right (Northern League, the Berlusconi's People of Freedom and the Union of Christian and Center Democrats) decided to commit and not only with words but with several joint projects that coordinate, involve and sensitize the various institutions, organizations, associations, public opinion and affected citizens.

This article has been translated from our Spanish blog, to view the original, please click here.

Giorgio & carzam/ MensGo (Translated by Matt)
(vía Mattino Padova del 09-02-2012).

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