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90% of Gay men in China marry a woman!

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(Blogmensgo, February 15, 2012) Social and family pressures have prompted 90% of gay men from mainland China to take a wife, says the specialist in HIV and AIDS Zhang Beichuan. According to calculations by the professor at the University of Qingdao, as many as 16 million Chinese women have married a homosexual man.

Professor Zhang does not specify what statistics he uses to support his calculation.

Such figures are unverifiable, said Xiao Dong, 36, who runs a clinic specifically for gay men and presides over an organization fighting against HIV and AIDS.  There is an article here in English.

Xiao Dong thinks the communication method of Professor Zhang may turn against homosexuals in general and especially against gay men. In China, gays and lesbians are often forced to hide their sexual orientation even within their own families, as the stigma is still very much alive. The stigma of AIDS took years to bend through initiatives such as that of Xiao Dong; it would be unfortunate, he argues, to have, in essence, a communication as inappropriate as Professor Zhang to obliterate such efforts.

The lives of gay wives can also turn into a nightmare. It's at least what Xiao Yao (unrelated with Xiao above) wants understood. She was a gay divorcee who was mistreated and created a website for women who live or have lived in a similar situation. The Site founder has created a "Home to women of gays" there distills her advice to 1200 registered users.

Many gay men choose to marry a lesbian (and vice versa). Even though there too the figures are unverifiable, it seems that such an outcome is facilitated through online dating services.

This article has been translated from the original on our french site.  To view the original, click here.

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(Via China.org.cn)

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