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The Citroen DS4 elected Gay European Car of the Year 2012

Camshafts? Six privet! © Ledorga.fr

(Blogmensgo, February 7th, 2012) It seems the gays love Citroën! The Citroen DS4 has been voted European Gay Car of the Year 2012 and  Citroen has been voted gay European carmaker.

This double whammy is I am sure gratefully received by the design office which Ploué Philippe (who oversees the designs of two sister brands Peugeot and Citroen) giving them an undeniably youthful look.

Last year already, Citroen rose far above the competition as the best gay car brand in 2011, while the Peugeot RCZ was the best model. More broadly, the public also widely praised this renewal in design which has resulted in a strong and engaging identity.  See our article Dec 19th, 2011.

Warning: if you do zoom-zoom, that can make boom-boom ... © Ledorga.fr.

Note that the DS5 won only fourth in the ranking because of its larger size which does not seem to be a decisive criteria for the eyes of the gay community. The DS4 also outperforms most elite cars like the Range Rover Evoque (second place) or the Mini coupe (Note: the Mini convertible won the prize of the gay car of 2005).

The 2012 vintage is a small revolution for the gay vote in the European car market. Unlike previous years, we are not dealing with a convertible or a coupe, but a five-door hatchback.

The Citroen DS4 class hides the rear door handles in the edges of doors, creating the illusion of a coupe as did Alfa Romeo and Seat. This is also the same for the Range Rover Evoque, an SUV (sport utility vehicle, denoting a 4x4 with taut lines and smaller than the usual 4x4).

"This year (Dominique noted) the vote is turning to a more individual car, more family/leisure/casual orientated but still fashionable, so then the little nephews will climb into the back of the car of their uncle and enjoy the ride in the beautiful new DS4 ... "

Citroën, European car brand gay of 2012

Citroën has once again won the race for the vote of 2012. The brand with double chevrons is clearly less prestigious  as their competitors Audi, BMW, Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz.

The renewal of Citroën seems to be to the taste of the voters. It is true that the new series of DS3, DS4 and DS5 marks a great change or a change of course in the history of Citroën. The French manufacturer dusts off an image that has been traditionally ugly to finally offer products that are pushing French Luxury.

Dominique (Ledorga) is a magician, he transforms into straight cars gay cars. © Maxou.

The increasing range of DS also enjoys an uninterrupted series of success in motorsport. The driver Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena his trusty co-pilot just earnt eighth consecutive title of World Rally Championship.  In doing so, the friends have offered to Citroën seventh title of world champion constructors. What could be better?

Maxou & Matt / MensGo

This article has been translated from the original version on our French blog.  To view the original click here.



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