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Kitsch Party, Zurich – January 28th!

Spray me! ©Matthew/MensGo

(BlogMensGo, 12 January 2012) Once upon a time, a prince named Angeleo, lived in a castle in a land not too far away by a big, big lake.  He was a happy, but lonely prince.  Oh, he had great looks, body and riches untold.  But he was all alone listening to his fairyPod dancing in the empty halls of his grand home.

To share his love of magic, music and good times, he decided to give a party for all the gays and friends of his lovely land.  And who knows, maybe he would meet his prince charming for the ‘Happily ever after....’

It’s time to party again boys and girls! I am giving you more than 2 weeks notice here to get your glad rags together and book that train ticket to Zurich for another Angels party! The theme being this time round ‘Kitsch Party - A Fairy Tale’ and will be held again at the Volkshaus on the 28th of January! Doors opening at 10pm!

Feathered fantasy ©Matthew/MensGo

Angels are proud to welcome DJ and Producer Micky Friedmann at the turntables.  With a world wide performance list including Splash and Alegria in NYC, Hustlaball in London, Scandal in Ibiza, Circuit Barcelona, La Demence in Brussells, Celebrities in Vancouver, GMF in Berlin, I am pretty sure he will do his best to impress us in Zürich with his sexy sounds!

The upper floor will again host the local legends: The duo Wollana and Rolly who left people screaming for more in 2011, the Lollipop is back!

And F-Junior is the opening DJ on the main floor!

Oh and of course, who could forget! Myself and the rest of the MensGo Team will be there, two of us with cameras in hand to snap you all for the MensGo website! So look out for us with tools in hand and say hello!

Of course, you can see the details of this and other parties planned here in Switzerland and everywhere else on our social events diary at mensgo.com along with the photos of the party.

Where are the bears? ©Matthew/MensGo

Angels are planning ahead of course, so note the following dates in your diary (I will be reminding you before hand AND you will see these on the mensgo agenda).

White Party - 5th of May 2012 - Volkshaus, Zürich

Folies Au Lac - July 2012 - Badi Tiefenbrunnen

Neon Party (Street Parade) - 11 August 2012 - Volkshaus, Zürich

Black Party - 3 November 2012 - Volkshaus, Zürich

So....tickets are available at Ticketino www.ticketino.com or you can buy from one of the pre sale locations in Zürich: Cranberry Bar, Rathaus Café, Daniel H., Männerzone, and Ministry of Kink. So get your tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment!

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