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These women love the gays – Mr Suisse Romande

Come to bed eyes

(Blogmensgo, November 26th, 2011) Olivier Marillier and Millius Raphael were both crowned Mister Suisse Romande, respectively in 2011 and late 2007. And both are gay, the first having made his public coming out after the fact and the second has never hidden his homosexuality.

Raphael Millius (Facebook page), 25, has just made its media coming out in the morning of November 9th. This Valais, domiciled in the canton of Vaud, "wants [her] coming out allows an open mind." Only his friends knew his preference for the guys when he was elected Mister Suisse Romande May 14, 2011.

Raphael "[saw] no need" to reveal his sexual orientation to the public before, during or just after the election. He generally prefers to take his time. As proof, he lived his first homosexual experience at age 20 years and has been living as a couple for less than two years.

The other reason Millius Raphael did not reveal his preference when he was on the podium is that he did not want to be stamped or branded ‘Mr. Gay’. I do not argue. However, this could help me live some passions, such as the theater. "

Homosexuality, Mister Suisse Romande and the theater

The theater, homosexuality and a title of Mister Suisse Romande, these are three similarities between Raphael Millius and his predecessor the vintage 2007-2008, Olivier Marillier. Clearly passionate about art and culture, Olivier has discovered that in 2010 one of his vocations, following an internship at the prestigious drama Cours Florent in Paris. But he also practiced drawing and painting, among other cultural activities without sacrificing the modeling.

Olivier Marillier. Its future bogoss is taking shape. ©Oliviermarillier.com/Emo-photo.com

Born in Biel and now age 35, Olivier Marillier (website | myspace page) is involved also in cases such as the fight against HIV / AIDS. he will also sponsor the Telethon in Switzerland on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2011.

Olivier has not hidden his homosexuality before being elected in late 2007, but he does not mean that a standard, as explained on the morning of March 10, 2008: "I always said that I did not want to be a gay icon. Play flag bearers, it does not stick with me, I'm not a claimant. What I want is to highlight all the differences, that's why I sponsored the Stop Suicide Association. "

Comment. The major difference between the two Mister Western Switzerland? When they were elected, Raphael Millius pretending to be more heterogeneous than it is and Olivier Marillier was suspected of being less gay than he is.

But Millius Raphael only multiplied shoots, directed ostensibly straight. As evidenced on his Facebook page, where the hot shots "Le Matin knock on the door for an interview out of bed." The two alleged lovebirds, scantily clad or naked in the bathtub, displaying a gargantuan marital happiness as spontaneous as the laughter canned in a sitcom. It is surprising that the bogoss has not withdrawn his Facebook profile these photos are a little compromising. 😉

COMMENT: Just a side note, in case you are not in Switzerland and wondering what Swiss/Suisse Romande is.....this is the name for the Western french speaking part of Switzerland.  I have tried to find out why we are called Romande or Romandies but to no avail!


This article has been translated from the original on our French Blog, to view the original, click here.

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(via 360°  10 novembre 2011 and Le Matin des 10 mars 2008, 24 août 2010 et 9 novembre 2011

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