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Free gay travel: MensGo.com offers you a dream holiday!

(Blogmensgo, November 15, 2011) MensGo.com mobilizes the five stars of the international gay social network and organizes a contest totally free for you to win a a week’s great gay travel for two people in the mountains or sea, it is a double lot, free and no purchase necessary, organized in two phases: until 1 December 2011 for the trip to the mountains, until Easter for the Mediterranean cruise.

Free prize draw, strictly for gays (no hidden fees). © MensGo.com.

So, Two draws and two winners. The lucky recipient of the winter stay will be drawn Dec. 4, 2011, in the Trixx of Lausanne. The winner will be chosen for the summer holiday at Easter. There will be four winners in all, as each winner will take their partner/friend/lover with him.

Each participant can play once a destination and win one week to get drunk in the Grisons this winter, or a week to tan in a ocean liner Bronzoni next summer, or two lots at a time. We can win a ski week (Arosa Gay Skiweek) and one week cruise (La Démence), as long as you participate in two contests and that one is drawn twice.

Free, all inclusive, Ski/Mountain or Cruise week

You can even invite your own friends to participate in the sweepstakes to increase its own chances mechanically, since the trip is offered to two people. But not to anyone: only guys at least 18 years each. If you are a camouflaged hettie, it’s useless to insist.

To participate, you have four options. Either you click on this link, or you click on the picture in this article, or you click on the image announcing the contest in the right column, or you wait until someone sends you an email to participate. If you prefer the fourth method, make sure your friend sends you the entry form before December 1!

Another important detail: When we talk about sweepstakes and free stays, it is indeed all inclusive trips, where everything is taken care of by MensGo.com. So the room (in a hotel in the winter or summer cabin), meals, lifts, entrance fees to evenings etc, will all be taken care of, and of course, enrollment in MensGo.com is also completely free (except expenses of Internet connection - but if you are reading this, then we assume you have that connection of some sort.

Only two costs will not be supported: the journey to the places of rendezvous, that is to say on site to Arosa (ski week) or from Marseille (week cruise), and alcoholic drinks.

It only remains to wish you ... No, no, I would not bring you bad luck.

Matt / MensGo

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