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The comedian Rick Mercer calls for a massive ‘coming out’ in Canada

(Blogmensgo, November 3, 2011) Rick Mercer, host of the show 'The Mercer Report' on CBC, on October 28, 2011 launched a call to the systematisation of coming out among the anonymous celebrities. Revealing his homosexuality, Rick Mercer - who is himself assumed gay - the only way to prevent a recurrence of the tragedy of Jamie Hubley, a young gay teenager who committed suicide in Ottawa on October 14, 2011 after having apparently been the victim of intimidation and ridicule related to sexual orientation on social networks.

On his blog, as on his YouTube channel, Rick Mercer explains how it is not enough to say "things will be better tomorrow" to calm the suffering of being different, of being gay.  All teachers, students and adults need to get started now, so as to stop such tragedies. For each year in Canada, three hundred young homosexuals as Jamie Hubley commit suicide because of homophobic pressure, insists Rick Mercer.  That is just Canada, I hate to think what that figure is then for the United States, the UK, and other places where Homosexuality is now becoming more accepted.

Finish laughing, says the host and comedian “So if you're gay and you’re in public life, I'm sorry, you don't have to run around with a pride flag and bore the hell out of everyone, but you can't be invisible either. Three hundred kids [committing suicide] is three hundred kids too many.”

The above video lasts only a half minute, but it is incredibly powerful. The exceptional speech of the facilitator makes it much easier to understand. Within a week of broadcasting on YouTube, about 400,000 users had already viewed.

The question is whether the call from Rick Mercer will be acted upon. In Canada, few people, like the actor Xavier Dolan, the writer Michel Tremblay or comedian Dany Turcotte have formalized their homosexuality and spare no activism when necessary.


The problem is that the outputs are mainly closet personalities rarely in the first place on the podium of notoriety. The coming out of Xavier Dolan, Michel Tremblay, Rick Mercer, Dany Turcotte and more recently the actor Zachary Quinto have their uses, but the phenomenon would have a lot more weight if concerned mastodons immensely popular on both sides of the Atlantic, just like John Travolta, Will Smith and Tom Cruise, the rumor - no matter how true or false, it's just to give examples - say that they are gay.

But the real stars are especially in international sports, it is in this universe where the need to come out is the most obvious. However, the sporting world is famous for assuming their homosexuality at the peak of their careers and these are counted on the fingers of one hand. How many Zidane, Beckham, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other players have made their coming out? None, except for Justin Fashanu - which has become almost better known "through" his suicide!

The problem with these players, and more of their clubs and their agents is that they fear the loss of market value that would result if any one comes out, and if the opposite was happening? If the influx of new fans replace those lost, if the additional fame outweighed the bad image? No major professional footballer has yet been risky enough to bet on it. And I'm afraid it takes some time.

This article has been translated and adapted from our French Blog.  To view the original article click here.

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via the Canadian Press





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