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Same sex parent Families in the bachelor’s literature in France

"Our homoparent ancestors ..." © Photoxpress.com / Andrei Kiselev

(Blogmensgo, November 3rd, 2011) By the 2012-2013 school year, some textbooks for high school seniors will discuss same sex parent Families under the option "Law and major issues of the contemporary world" (DGEMC). The original program did not include this issue, but the LGBT Family Association (ADFH) is said to have convinced the French Ministry of Education to change its official program in a less restrictive form.

The DGEMC is taught only in terminal L (literature), that is to say, during the preparatory year bachelor's degree. The legal section includes items relating to "the evolution of the family" as defined by Schedule 2.6 of the Official Gazette No. 8 of the Special Department of Education, published October 13, 2011. The various forms of couple (marriage, civil unions, common-law) and affiliation (natural or adoptive) create a variety of contexts including the official program echoing:

"After seeing the lack of definition of the family, we will show, for legal and historical analysis, it has changed dramatically and became multiform (biological family, adoptive parent, homoparental, blended, nuclear, extended) and will offer students to find a definition. "

[The bolding is mine. Where there is, in passing, that school curricula do not shine by their editorial style.]

Note further that Appendix 2.7 refers to "sex and the law", including a section entitled "homophobia or discrimination."

In a statement dated 31 October 2011, AFDH "welcomes the recognition of same-sex families in the educational program, and remember they are now an undeniable reality in the plurality of existing family forms."

Comment. The ministerial order setting the 2011-2012 program dates back to July 12, 2011 and its publication in the Official Journal of 20 September 2011. But as France was mired in the famous dispute over the "gender theory", the AFDH probably preferred to wait a bit before trumpeting it's joy.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original please click here.

Matt & Philca / MensGo

Via Le Figaro 31 October 2011






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