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Big Bad Wolf

Here we go again....©Duck Sauce

BlogMensGo 26th October 2011, Duck Sauce are back again with another song....not sure how this one is going to go...maybe its a bit of a Marmite Track (Non UK readers are gonna have to look up the Marmite brand and logo for that one), my initial thought on hearing it is great the first time round, but not sure how I am going to feel if I keep hearing it in clubs or worse....its repeated on the radio every 30 mins.  What is catching the attention at the moment of the public is its controversial video, featuring 'Crotch Faces'.  The video makes for some truly interesting viewing and is certainly worth a gander! Reminds me of something that may have been created by Aphex Twin or similar but in fact the song has been worked along with Armand Van Helden 'You don't know me' which takes me back to my days of being a closeted Jehovahs Witness.

Rolling Stone Magazine seems to be getting a lot of hits here with the video, they seem to have grabbed the article and video first! So all thanks goes to them for this article! and have a listen and view of that video here! Although I am very sure you are going to hear this everywhere from this weekend!

Oooh and Duck Sauce are on MySpace too!

Matt / MensGo

via Rolling Stone

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