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Homophobia in Switzerland?

Homophobia is fed up… ©Mosaic-info.ch / Denis Roueche and Émile Barret.

(Blogmensgo, 20 October 2011) On October 5, 2011 was held a day of follow-up (HTML | PDF) of the 1st Assises [Meeting] against homophobia that took place in Geneva two years ago.

The two events organized by the Geneva Federation of LGBT associations, have highlighted the gap between expectations in 2009 and reality of 2011. Its co-chairmen, Philippe Scandola and Catherine Gaillard, have immediately regretted "administrative delays and difficulties in obtaining financial support promised [in 2009], the obstruction of certain services and the randomness of their cooperation, left to goodwill of the people in the absence of clear guidance from the highest levels of management. "

The most obvious defects are those of the laws and regulations. But Geneva is preparing to return in its Constitution, the principle of non-discrimination based on sexual orientation. Statistics on homophobia and transphobia also appear to be decreased, the specialized services being it seems little known to the general public.

It is in schools and education as the fight against homophobia has the most visible deficiencies. The head of the Department of Education has sent a circular to the hierarchies inciting against homophobia, but this circular does that two years after the foundation of 2009. The association said for his part Dialogai the reception and implementation vary widely in schools, its "network of allies" uniting people aware of the LGBT issue.

Some initiatives, however, mitigate the darkness of the balance sheet. The cantons of Vaud and Geneva have jointly funded the creation of such a post attached to issues of homophobia and diversity. The first incumbent, Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud, has just inaugurated Mosaic-Jeunes, an information portal on sexual diversity for young people. Her association Mosaic-Info has launched a poster competition with award-winning visual since last week in the canton of Vaud, reports 20 Minutes. The poster (shown here) awarded the "teacher jury" does not lend itself to a web declination, is preferred by the winner of third artistic prize, more in tune with the graphic of the blog.

This article has been translated from the original article on our french blog, to view the original, click here.

Matt & Philca / MensGo

Via Tribune de Genève

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