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Census shows increase in homosexuals in the US!

(Blogmensgo, October 2, 2011) According to the corrected 2010 census conducted by the Census Bureau, the United States has 646,464 gay households, including 131,729 married couples and 514,735 single concubinage. In ten years, the number of homosexual couples has increased by 80.4% or 63.9% for cohabiting couples and 197.1% for married couples.

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The previous estimate was a largely inflated figure based on a methodological inaccuracy. There were 901 997 gay couples, including 349,377 married couples and 552,620 cohabiting couples according to the canceled set of figures. By the way, the Census Bureau does not count couples, but tax households where the head of the household lives in union with a same-sex unrelated person.

Statistical approaches rectified the findings of the nationwide census, which now is more in accordance with the 2010 American Community Survey (ACS), a local survey included in the 2010 nationwide census but administered on an annual basis while the census was a ten-year mission. ACS statistics are obtained by sampling.

The ACS 2010 had recorded 593,324 gay couples, including 152,335 married couples and 440,989 cohabiting couples. So, comparing married and unmarried couples (thousands, rounded), respectively 152 and 441, against 152 (unchanged) and 429 (2.8%) in 2009.

Census map of the USA
Gay marriage in Idaho, it's not for now ... © Census.gov.

Data from the general census of the population such as the Community Census was obtained by combining the first name and sex of respondents. But with a risk of error on the sex assigned to each name: not to mention the case of joint names like Pat, and John have said women and Virginia have said men.

Nevertheless, in 2010, the rate of homosexual couples compared to the total population is 0.55% according to figures adjusted for the census, or 0.52% according to data from the GBA. The corrected figure is close or even exceed 1.6% in five states. Descending order: the District of Columbia (which has not statehood, but ...) with almost 1.8% in Greater Washington (or nearly 1.2% according to the ACS), then Vermont, Maryland, California and Oregon.

The PDF maps concerning the location of lesbians or gay couples married and those cohabiting singles do not overlap perfectly. Note that homosexual couples are proportionately not very present in much of the Midwest and North, that is to say, in a large predominantly rural area.

This article has been translated from our French blog.  You can find the original here.

Via Terrafemina.

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