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US Army is now officially Gay-Friendly

I swear to serve my country homosexually! ©Lance Cpl. Vernon T. Meekins.

(Blogmensgo, September 24, 2011) The repeal of the 1993 law banning known gays and lesbians to serve in the Army has been official since September 20, 2011. The repeal was finally ratified on December 18, 2010 and ratified by the Senate two days later by President Barack Obama. Homosexuality and bisexuality can no longer be an excuse for any dismissal in the Army.

With the notable exception of General James F. Amos, supreme commander of the Marines, the U.S. military hierarchy is favorable to the integration of homosexual new recruits. Only ultra-religious lobbies and some Republican members continue to proclaim their opposition to the repeal of gay taboo in the military. The transition to the era of a gay-friendly place, however, has discretion and no special ceremony being planned to mark the event.

The Pentagon is already accepting applications for several weeks from openly gay people, considering that integration will not pose any particular problem, nor is the military coming out of position.

The law thus repealed was called "Don’t ask, don’t tell" because gays could serve in the U.S. Army as long as their homosexuality or bisexuality remained secret. This means that among the approximately 13,500 to 14,000 lesbian and gay soldiers fired because of homosexuality since 1993, some owe their displacement to a denunciation.

Those who have been sacked because of their sexual orientation will again serve in the U.S. Army, subject to request and without that reinstatement is not automatically granted.

[Update September 22, 2011. The first gay wedding of a member of the Army, where a naval officer has just married a civilian. All the details on our blog in Italian.]

Article translated from an article written on our French blog.  To view the original article click here.

Matt & Philca / MensGo

Via the world press and WSJ.

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