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Manchester Pride – Happy 21st Birthday!

(BlogMensGo, 25 August 2011) Tomorrow, BlogMensGo are flying into Manchester, UK for Manchester Pride's 21st Birthday event! For me, this is my 6th Manchester Pride and my 5th within the parade, although this time not as a marcher, but as a reporter for MensGo.  I will be there with my MensGo attire snapping lots of pics for you all to see! On Sunday I will be interviewing Jackie Crozier the organizer of Manchester Pride, which may well be an interesting interview as she has recently announced she is stepping down as organizer to move onto other projects.

We land at 530pm, and have a mad rush to get to the Press event being held in the gay village! Then its out to hit the streets in the action packed weekend which spans Friday to Monday (Monday being a bank holiday in the UK) finishing off on Monday night with a Candlelit vigil in Sackville Gardens followed by fireworks.  Then we fly back on Tuesday 🙁

After a couple of days of settling back into life at home in Switzerland, we are off again on our travels for the Sitges Bear week...so will follow the pics of burly/rugby built/hairy men!

Whether you are in Lausanne partying at 43&10, in Manchester for Pride....or elsewhere in the world! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and able to make the most of the sun before we lose it to winter!

2 thoughts on “Manchester Pride – Happy 21st Birthday!

  1. IT’S A RIP OFF. Why should gay people who go to the bars every week pay to get into the village for gay pride and then get ripped off in the bars. Who is making money out of it ?? All it is is just FREEK SHOW for the straights.

  2. Yes, why should they pay £12.50 for a weekend of entertainment, with the sugababes, pixie lott, alexandra burke. What a rip off eh? Come on buddy! If you don’t like it, don’t bother going into the village that weekend! Personally, I do not mind spending such a small amount of money to have a packed weekend with my friends.

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