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MensGo will lather in the Jungle of Lausanne

Everything is oversized - ©gay-party.ch

Blogmensgo, July 30, 2011) BlogMensGo and its parent MensGo.com are officially partners in the Jungle Mousse Party to be held this year on July 31, from 10pm to 5am at the Mad Club, Lausanne, Switzerland (the city from where this blog is being written/Translated from).

It is predicted to be an even hotter party in Lausanne this July 31st as it is just before a national holiday. Yes! Switzerland celebrates its birthday on 32 July of each year 😉

To find out more about the musical and festive night, click here to visit the site of ‘Mousse 2011’. It lists the DJ’s playing on the night including DJ Antoine909 from London and DJ Elias from Ibiza.

The foam-party, called Jungle Mousse, can also be attended by guys who do not like water or foam and are not afraid to the pay full price to be deprived of the pleasure of washing with industrial foam. As for the location...it is the street from Geneva to Lausanne, not the reverse.

And this is a paragraph superfluous, to avoid duplicate content, a gigantious offense, which would ensure your favorite blog loses points in the ranking of the best blogs.

Organizers urge revelers to bring old shoes, sexy shorts, swimsuits and towels and don’t wear metal or cheap jewelry as you are likely to turn green in skin color and shame. Philca also recommends bringing earplugs to protect the ears (these are sometimes given out at venues here a lot but I can not confirm if this will be an event where they are), for the fact that the program contains the word DJ four times is certainly not innocent. Please do not attend in the nude! 😉

Better to book in advance, even if only to pay 5 francs less than 30 francs (4.3 euros less than 25.9 euros) charged to those who buy their tickets on site.

For those in attendance, I hope you have an amazing time! I am still waiting to hear what we are doing on the night, so you may either see me in some sort of ‘Mensgo attire’ preferably black as it's thinning! If you do, please say hello! If not, I will be in the crowd somewhere trying to look inconspicuous!

This article has been translated and rewritten in places from our French Blog.  To view the original article, please click here. Many thanks to Philca for the interesting take on the party! It's a shame you will not be here, but I will be sure to party hard for the both of us.

Matt & Philca / MensGo


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