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Jerusalem Pride 2011 – A Better year!

Not the conventional way ©pinknews.co.uk

(BlogMensGo 30 July 2011) Jerusalem held it’s gay pride this year on July 28th.  In the past it has attracted violence and in preparation for this, 1,000 police officers were on the streets to buffer any trouble.

The parade was held on a Thursday, the eve of the two year commemoration day of the shooting at Bar Noar.

Some disruption was said to be caused by an ultra-orthodox Jew who was arrested for throwing bags of ‘foul smelling liquid’ at gay marchers, three years ago an ultra-orthodox Jew stabbed and injured three marchers at pride and last year eighteen people were arrested for trying to set off a makeshift bomb during the parade, such a shame that it is again religion to be the cause of the disruption - these people representing an apparently loving god.

There was also reported to be a small number of anti-gay protestors holding placards condemning homosexuality, one reportedly said ‘Gays, they are waiting for you in hell’, some protesters tried to bring their donkeys to show their view of gay sex being a ‘beastly act’ AFP Reported.  Ultra-Orthodox Jews consider the event to be an abomination and desecration of the holy city.

Police estimated the number of marchers this year was close to 3,000 and openly gay MP Nitzan Horowitz spoke at the March, saying it was ‘a symbol of the struggle for freedom in Jerusalem.

It was decided not to have platforms at the pride event, but rather to encourage the marchers to create their own stage or performance within the parade using their own messages, creativity and style.  A facebook group was set up with the heading ‘Intertwining paths: The 2011 Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance’ and was run in conjunction with the Jerusalem Open House.

Despite the trouble, it seems there was a lot less trouble this year, not really much more than what goes on at other prides around the world.  Lets hope it continues and improves in the coming years for Jerusalem.

Via Pink News 29/07/11, Pink Paper 29/07 and AFP.

Matt / MensGo

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