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LGBT history to be in the history textbooks in California schools

A gay-friendly Edmund G. Brown Jr, alias Jerry Brown. ©Flickr / jerrybrown2010

(Blogmensgo, July 20, 2011) Jerry Brown, Democratic governor of California, ratified on July 14, 2011 a law ordering public school teachers explain to students the role played by the Pacific Islanders, the disabled, and also people from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community in American history. The law - passed by seven votes against four - comes into force in January 2012, but the next revision of history textbooks used in California is not expected before 2015.

The law SB 48 HTML | PDF.

The legislation, prepared by Democratic Senator Mark Leno, amends the Education Code by amending the legislation on the fight against discrimination in education. Earlier texts imposed to textbooks to mention the role played in American history by Native Americans and people of African descent (as English political correctness renames "African-Americans" from the popular African-American summits created in 1991 by the Rev. Leon Howard Sullivan), Mexican and Asian.

According to Senator Leno, students are more likely to view their institution as a tolerant and fair if one refers to the LGBT community.

Several Christian lobbies protested against such a law. In particular Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), that equates homosexuality with "a wave of moral decline," saying that the new law amounts to "molest the minds of impressionable young children," and suggesting that parents take their children out of public school.

The new law applies only to public schools. In the name of freedom of expression, private schools are not required to comply. The former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar law in 2006, before rallying to the cause of gay marriage that California voters were later overturned on by referendum.

Comment. Who exactly is bent on "molesting the minds of impressionable young children" baptizing them as soon as they are born without even asking their opinion or giving them a choice in the matter? Certainly not the LGBT community, distinguished religious fanatics!

This article has been translated from an article written on our french blog.  To view the original article click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

Via CNN (14th July 2011)

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