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Gay marriage for New York!

In Cuomo there is Omo. Total respect ! ©Flickr.com / Andrew Tapp.

(Blogmensgo, July 5th, 2011) Senators of the State of New York approved by 33 votes against 29 on June 24, 2011, a bill submitted by Governor Cuomo, legalizing gay marriage. It was the fifth time this project was submitted to the Senate, but was rejected four previous times and this time Senate Republicans significantly modified the text. The next day, Gay Pride - New York was particularly memorable and will be for most for a long time to come.

The first same sex marriages will be celebrated before the end of the summer in upstate New York. After Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, New York is the sixth U.S. state to legalise gay and lesbian marriage.  Will California be next?, with the largest gay population in the states (of which 58% is in favor of gay marriage, according to a recent survey).

We had 32 votes to pass the text. The adoption was then made by one vote, with four Republican senators voting in favor of gay marriage. It is true that the final text introduced a number of exceptions, many being religious in nature.

Until the first same-sex marriages, the vote obtained after years of hard Parliamentary reached its conclusion at a Gay Pride New York which was even more festive than usual, from Fifth Avenue to the gay district of Greenwich Village.

The star of the parade was undoubtedly hetero notorious: Governor Andrew Cuomo, 53, hailed as a hero by the rainbow flags, and written slogans, by the participants, spectators, passers-by.

This is a translation of the original article written on our French blog.  To view the original article please click here.

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