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A gay union at Aeroflot?

Quick, I have to go serve the lesbian menu! ©Aeroflot.ru.

(Blogmensgo, June 28, 2011) An LGBT trade union has been created within the Russian airline Aeroflot. But the company states that they are not aware of any such organisation.

The six members of the union in the making, whose founder is the flight attendant Maxime Koupreïev, want the Aeroflot charter to explicitly prohibit sexual discrimination. They also want to claim the same benefits as heterosexuals, particularly in terms of preferential tariffs enjoyed by spouses and relatives of heterosexual employees.

Russia does not allow same-sex civil unions, let alone gay marriage. In this country with a high level of homphobia, the LGBT community is highly stigmatised. In fact, Aeroflot does not recognize the existence to date of any LGBT organization within it, whether officially or in the process of creation

In any case, few airlines have unions or representative bodies of the LGBT community. This is the case of Air France - KLM, but their union Personn'ailes fosters secrecy to the point of lacking even a web address (http://www.personnailes.asso.fr) at the time of writing this article.

To our knowledge, only the Scandinavian airline SAS and Thai Air PC carry out gay-friendly recruitment campaigns.

This article has been translated from the French side of our blog, you can read the original article in French here.

Via Romandie News (in French) 21/06/2011

Matt & Philca / MensGo

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