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Gay Pride calm in Zagreb, but a lasting impression left in Split!

A bogoss is the best medicine against homophobia! ... © Photoxpress.com / MaxFX.

(BlogMensGo 20th June 2011) About 4,000 people, took part in a peaceful, June 18, 2011, at the 10th Gay Pride in Zagreb. This year's event had the slogan "The future is ours too."

The procession moved freely through Zagreb, before stopping in a place downtown, when finished the crowds moved on to attend an outdoor concert. The police were able to prevent any homophobic overflow. Onlookers and the curious showed no particular hostility, and demonstrators were even able to stop and greet them.

It is far from the violence that had marred the previous week's Pride of Split, where a pack of 10,000 homophobic revelers threw themselves at the 400 participants in the Gay Pride, hospitalising 12 people. "Split, next year there will be a test of catching up," announced one banner in Zagreb.

The Pride of Split was marked by the reading of a letter from the President of Croatia Ivo Josipović Welcoming the participants for their courage and their struggle for the right to be different.

Note also that the next weekend, specifically June 25, 2011, it will be Gay Pride in Paris (or Marche des fiertés according to the local jargon). With a generic slogan very political for presidential election: "For equality, in 2011 I walk, I vote in 2012."

Croatian Priders attendend a concert by artists known to them; whereas the Europride gatherers enjoyed a world-class performance from the star (Lady Gaga) who symbolises the future of LGBT (see our article June 20, 2011); whereas the French Pride chose Arielle Dombasle, who is almost unknown outside of France (except in Mexico) and is not exactly an up and coming star but a blast from the past.  France seems to be taking a backwards turn with LGBT relations as seen in the following article.

This article is a translation and adaptation of an article written on our French Blog.  Please click here to visit the original version.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

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