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French MPs reject gay marriage

Gay marriage, a major theme for the 2012 presidential elections? © Photoxpress.com/Richard Villalon.

(BlogMensGo 20th June 2011) The French National Assembly on June 14, 2011, rejected a socialist bill to legalize gay marriage, by 293 votes against 222. Several MPs opposed to gay marriage have argued, during the parliamentary discussion of the text last week that a marriage between same sex was comparable to bestiality or polygamy, or even that it was an "aberration anthropological."

The bill came among others from the Socialist MP Patrick Bloche, initiator of the legalization of civil solidarity pact (PACS) in 1999. The text of 2011 was only about gay marriage ("homoconjugalité") and not same-sex parents. Political parties were not given specific voting instructions, but members from the left - four abstentions - voted for the text and most of those on the right voted against. The Socialist Party had indicated its support for the bill, while the Union for Presidential Majority (UMP, in power), the government and the New Centre (NC) showed their clear hostility to the text.

Only two members of the 313 UMP’s (Franck Riester and Henriette Martinez) had indicated before the election they would vote in favor of the text. In fact, nine UMP (including the former minister Jean-Louis Borloo, possible presidential candidate in 2012) and a NC member validated the text, while nine other UMP deputies - whose pediatrician Edwige Antier, which did not want to hear about same-sex parents - chose to abstain.

The Socialist Party’s Francois Hollande - primary socialist candidate for the presidential election - immediately reiterated their support for marriage between couples of the same sex, promising to make that a possible stake in their election campaign, one of which would have immediate priority action if elected.

It is necessary that for the French Parliament to re-enter the case, the Constitutional Council considers that such advance is essential to any legitimization of gay marriage.

France continues consequently in a hypocrisy of State, claiming the cradle of human rights while remaining behind in civilization. Seven countries of the European Union have already legalized gay marriage, but not France. As for the voting rights granted to women, France resolved - in 1944 - after countries such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Myanmar and El Salvador. Such an attitude does not distinguish much of France against a banana republic.

Via the world press along with Pink Paper of 20th June and AP of 14th June (in English)

This article is a translation of an original article on our French Blog.  You can read the article here.  Please note that the above links are in French unless stated otherwise.

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