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According to UNAIDS, HIV on the decline and access to treatments on the up!

Stamps from Belarus
Belarus better than France in football and stamp collecting! © Belpost.by.
[blogMensGo, 09th June 2011] In a report on the 2nd of June 2011 (PDF here), UNAIDS puts the number of deaths from AIDS in the last 30 years at 30 million and 34 million on the number of people currently infected with HIV worldwide.

Prevention efforts have actually declined between 2001 and 2009, the number of people with HIV has fallen by 25% worldwide and even 35% in South Africa and 50% in India, that is to say in two countries with the largest number of HIV infections.

The number of people receiving Antiretroviral drugs is increasing, stated the report. In 2010, they registered a record 1.4 million people placed on antiretroviral drugs and 6.6 million people on antiretrovirals in developing countries.

These figures, acknowledged by UNAIDS, should not obscure several concerns. The first of these is related to deficiencies in access to HIV healthcare, particularly in developing countries, where 9 million people with HIV are waiting for care.

The other big reason for concern is the increasing prevalence of HIV / AIDS among populations most at risk, including gays, drug users and sexual workers. The UNAIDS stated: "Access for people at highest risk of infection and prevention and treatment is usually limited because of repressive laws, discrimination and stigma." The problem is even more serious because funding linked to the fight against AIDS tends to decline due to the global financial crisis.

UNAIDS also reported in a press release dated June 6, 2011 that twenty national postal agencies will also issue 3,000,000 stamps to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the AIDS epidemic. Except the French community of New Caledonia, the only Western European countries on the list of countries to take on this idea is Luxembourg. This shows to some extent the interest that Western Europe has had in the event.

This article has been translated and slightly adapted from the French version of our Blog, you can read the original version by Philca here.

(Via the world press including Le Figaro 06 June '11 (in French) and BBC News 09 June '11)

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