First Gay Pride (CSD) in Berlin in the Era of “Marriage for Everyone”

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First Gay Pride (CSD) in Berlin in the Era of “Marriage for Everyone”

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of July 27, 2017) Last Saturday, July 22, 2017, Berlin celebrated the 39th edition of its Gay Pride, or called CSD (for Christopher Street Day). It was almost completely under the banner of the new law on “marriage for everyone,” which had recently been enacted by both chambers of the Bundestag and signed by president Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the day before the parade (Friday, July 21st).

The following video is a “best of” with some of the nicest impressions of the CSD in Berlin:

Unfortunately, the weather did not really cooperate with the festivities. Nevertheless, the many hundreds of thousands of participants had lots of fun despite the rain, heavy thunderstorms and strong winds.

On the floats, by foot in the parade or as a spectator on the side of the streets – the crowds everywhere became part of the extensive party and fun celebrating marriage for everyone. The main theme of this year was not forgotten however: The fight against homophobic parties and movements of the extreme right.

Most of all, Gay Pride (CSD) in Berlin was once again a big party for all participants. According to a survey conducted during CSD 2016, no less than 42% of the participants identify as straight and only about 36% as gay or lesbian.

Many posters and banners pointed to the extremely difficult situation of LGBT people in many countries or regions of the world and claimed stronger international mobilization.

Here is a video clip of CSD Berlin 2017, accompanied by electro music:

Another one video with music but filmed from a different location.

And finally, a video of the parade from another spot but with original sound track:

Frank-S / MensGo

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